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A national UK newspaper recently ran an article about home-made products that they tested and which they say really work!

One of them is the “sticky tape facial”. Facial ageing isn’t caused by poor muscle tone, rather it’s a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Lines created by repetitive facial muscle movements e.g. smiling or frowning therefore tend to remain or deepen as we get older. The most obvious ‘cure’ is Botox, but for those in search of a home-made alternative  the article claims that you might be able to train your muscles to stop contracting by sticking tape over your forehead during the evening and while you sleep.

The idea is that the tightness of the tape acts as a reminder every time you unconsciously frown, and you could even train your muscles at night to contract less during the day (any tape will do!)

"didn’t work for me!"
“didn’t work for me!”

The article also recommends using apple to create a fabulous and quick chemical facial peel and here is their recipe:-

Combine three tablespoons of apple juice, two tablespoons of milk and one egg white and smooth over your face. Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

The malic acid in the apple juice and lactic acid in the milk act as an exfoliating agent, while the albumin in the egg white has a shrink-wrap effect, tightening the skin, minimising open pores and leaving your complexion smoother.

Why not try this and let us know what you think?…

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