Lip Fillers

Full, natural-looking, beautiful lips…

Having fuller, yet soft and bouncy lips is one way of creating a more sultry and beautiful appearance. It also adds glamour to your appearance and gives an overall more healthy look giving you the confidence boost. 

Fillers work well on many aspects of the lips. They can improve definition and width, and the fleshy parts of the lips can be augmented for volume and a fuller pout, while lipstick bleeding lines around the lips can be reduced.

lip filler

The Cupid’s bow can be given extra definition too, as can the philtrum ridges, which go from the upper lip towards the nose.Lip fillers are gently injected under the surface of your skin in small amounts with a fine needle.

The procedure usually takes up to 1 hour and you can return to day-to-day activities straight away and you can usually see the effects immediately. You may experience slight swelling or bruising, which typically clears within 48 hours. You might need a touch-up treatment, although many patients achieve their desired result after just one treatment.

The face and especially the lips are full of nerves, so topical local anesthetic cream or a local anesthetic injection would be used to numb the areas being injected with filler.

In clinical studies, aesthetic results have lasted from 9 to 12 months, depending on skin type, lifestyle, age and previous treatments.

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