Even with a good tooth brushing technique most people miss parts of their mouth regularly, so we recommend a dental check-up once a year or every six months to detect and treat early signs of gum disease and any other problems in your mouth.

For peace of mind when getting a dental examination it is natural to want an experienced dentist who won’t miss anything, with the time to give you impartial, considered advice.

Tewkesbury Dental is the most established dental practice in the Tewkesbury area and Dr Ruparelia, the principal dentist, is a senior clinician who has practiced here for two decades. He was partner in another local practice beforehand.

Dr Ruparelia brought his Harley Street expertise home so he could provide modern dentistry with safe hands to the benefit of the local community, and he welcomes you to Tewkesbury Dental.

If you are experiencing bleeding gums, gums that have come away from the teeth, persistent bad breath or bad taste, teeth that are loose or changing position, book an examination at Tewkesbury Dental today.

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