Sport and recreational activities are the most common cause of dental injuries and, if you’re planning to take part in contact sports such as rugby and hockey, a custom made mouthguard can save you a lot of pain and thousands of pounds on fixing broken teeth

Most dental insurance providers, including Denplan, won’t cover injury in high risk activity if you weren’t wearing a mouthguard.

It’s far better to get a professionally made mouthguard rather than one off the shelf in a sports shop because although generic shields protect against a biting type injury where the top teeth crash into the bottom teeth, they don’t fit snugly and only cover the teeth.

At Tewkesbury Dental when we make a mouthguard we take an impression of your mouth that extends beyond your teeth and under the lips so when the device is made it fits tightly up over the supporting tissues. The advantages of this are the mouthguard won’t unseat so you can talk and shout much easier, there is greater protection for the teeth and against jaw fractures.

For martial arts and boxing, where strong contact on the face is regular and expected, a bi-maxillary mouthguard is recommended, where both jaws are fitted and held in place.

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