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A recent study in the US (at the New York University of Buffalo) has found that periodontal disease places more mature women at a heightened risk of; oesophageal, breast and gallbladder cancers. The new study confirmed previous findings but also highlighted previously undetected connections, notably between gum disease and gallbladder cancer.

Diagnosed periodontal disease was found to cause a 14% increase in all cancers. It is perhaps surprising that we take home hygiene quite seriously – just look at all the ads for home cleaning products, but the hygiene of our mouth … is often ignored. We wouldn’t dream of ignoring an open wound, especially if it was bleeding but guess what, many people believe that bleeding gums is ‘normal’!

Your dentist and hygienist will tell you that bleeding gums is not normal and is a sign of gum disease. At Tewkesbury Dental we have our own hygienist and we offer Saturday appointments, so that you don’t have to miss work and get some shopping done at the same time. Book early to avoid disappointment.


With the children off school and the weather (possibly!) allowing us to be outside regularly, it is easy to overlook routine checkups and hygiene. But Tewkesbury Dental is still very much open and looking forward to seeing you during the summer period.

However, we had a look around and realised how much there is going on in Gloucestershire in August. There are varied events around the arts; here are some that we might be going to ourselves! The four mile Sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean looks like a good combination of fresh air and mind extending!

Cheltenham’s annual Open-Air Theatre Festival returns to Bacon Theatre’s Tuckwell Amphitheatre, during the first week in August. We’re also going to head along to Graham Jones & Gareth Austin Exhibition at Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, which runs until 14 August. Their work certainly looks very colourful!

Finally, we will definitely have a look at the stone balancing at Painswick Rococo Garden, by Adrian Gray (runs until the end of August). He won a Gold at Chelsea this year and will have six works on display.


Nervousness around visiting the dentist is common, but dentists (and their support staff) are now very attuned to this and want to do everything they can to help nervous or phobic patients.

Much of the nervousness that patients feel can stem from a negative childhood experience. But like so many aspects of life; technology and techniques have changed markedly over the last 30 years and this particularly applies to the practice of dentistry. There are many aspects of a visit to the dentist that patients can be nervous about. However, rather than highlight them here (and raise blood pressure for some people!) we will highlight some positive considerations for the nervous patient.

Staff understand the need to engage and reassure patients (see videos of patients of Tewkesbury Dental). You will be greeted with a smile at Tewkesbury Dental by someone who wants to make your visit a pleasurable experience from the moment you walk through the door.

Staff and dentists will not judge you! This is a major reason why patients don’t visit a dentist and a simple problem can get much harder to remedy (so requiring, longer, more expensive treatment). We just want to see you pain-free and with a confident smile. Patients are delighted and so are we when a patient completes a course of treatment that ensures they give big smiles! The relief from patients can be huge and all say it was worth it.

Equipment has improved. Needles for injections are single use, therefore not blunt – many patients hardly feel the injection. It’s not actually the needle that patients feel but the anaesthetic entering their gum. A highly skilled dentist can deliver the anaesthetic, slowly at a constant flow – this is the key to a painless ‘numbing up’.

Drills are much quieter now. With higher revolutions are quicker and more effective, giving the dentist greater control.

We can take more time. One of the key benefits for a nervous patient is that at a private Practice, like Tewkesbury Dental, we can take more time. Treatment provided at a pace that is comfortable for the patient, may be all that is needed to reduce any nervousness.

At Tewkesbury Dental we know that there are many, many people who want to visit the dentist but for the reasons above (and more), don’t feel they can take the first step. That first step may just be walking in the door and having a chat, perhaps with a dentist and nowhere near a dental chair. If you know someone who is nervous about visiting a dentist, ask them to watch the videos on our website of what our patients say and and then come and talk us.

The following links may also be helpful:


1 Cut heart disease risk. In 2016 researchers at North Carolina Scholl of Dentistry found that patients with gum disease were twice as likely to die from heart attack.

2 Prevent strokes. Adults with gum disease may be twice as likely as thjose with healthy gums to suffer a stroke.

3 Perk up your sex life. Men are 3x more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction if they suffer from periodontal disease.

4 Boost your memory. Patients with gingivitis (swollen, bleeding gums) performed worse on tests of memory and other cognitive skills than did those with healthier gums and mouths – according to a report in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

5 Slow down Alzheimers. Scientists tracked Alzheimers patients and found that the group with gum disease suffered cognitive decline and 6x the rate of the group without gum disease.

6 It might protect your joints. Researchers examined gum fluid of people with periodontitis and found it contained high levels of citrullinated proteins, a type known to trigger an immune response in those with rheumatoid arthritis.

7 Make diabetes more manageable. Gum disease may make it harder to keep diabetes under control, as infection in the oral cavity can have an effect on blood sugar.

8 Protect your lungs. Research has found that bacteria around the gums can travel to the lungs and cause infection.

9 Take care if your pregnant. A recent study suggested that pregnant women at high risk of premature birth may cut their risk by 1/3.

10 Bad breath is just not very appealing for your Partner – and we don’t need research to show this!

Book an appointment with Karen, our hygienist at Tewkesbury Dental TODAY – you don’t have to be referred or even see a dentist (or be a patient of the Practice). Just call and say you want an urgent appointment with Karen.


A recent report in The Sunday Times highlighted that crisps were better as eating dried fruit was like ‘gluing sugar to the teeth’! Ben Atkins, a dentist and spokesman for the British Dental Association said crisps were ‘totally fine’ for teeth. Ordinary crisps were better because some children’s brands had added sugar.

Inevitably it is advice like this that makes giving children the right snacks even more confusing. Not only is the type of food/drink an important consideration but also how long sugar is ‘left’ in the child’s mouth, due to the nature of the food. The impact of sugary drinks has long been highlighted but snacks which parents could feel were a healthy alternative, much less so.

As always, the advice is that children should brush their teeth morning and night and should be shown how to and monitored to ensure it is achieved effectively. Secondly, sugary snacks should be provided very occasionally.


Dermal filler and botox treatments are taking place in kitchens by nail technicians with as little as one days training and a certificate. As a result, rising numbers of patients are turning to A&E when treatments become infected perhaps because of where and how the treatments were conducted. In the most serious case a botched injection of dermal filler can block a vessel near the eye and cause blindness.

Simon Eccles a consultant plastic surgeon at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, said he is seeing patients who have had their faces disfigured or infected by bungled facial injections and other cosmetic treatments which can cost as little as £45. He commented that rising numbers of patients are turning to the NHS for help after receiving treatments from unqualified practitioners.

Like all Dental Practices, Tewkesbury Dental is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which covers strict protocols on hygiene in surgery and management of all equipment. Coupled with dental training and significant further training in the provision of facial enhancement treatments we are confident that we can provide highly professional and most importantly, safe treatments. The popularity of facial enhancement treatments continues to grow due to the fantastic results that are possible and we welcome the chance to discuss treatments. Just give us a call and arrange a consultation.