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Now Christmas is out of the way and we are into the New Year, many of us turn our thoughts to how we can improve ourselves. Many enrol at the gym, others start a new diet and others spring clean their houses.

This year we are already seeing quite a few patients who would like to improve their physical appearance by removing years of staining from their teeth to reveal a smile they can be confident with.

Teeth Whitening costs from just £250 and can help you achieve a beautiful smile with long lasting results.

Having your teeth whitened is a simple and painless process that helps remove heavy staining on your teeth from ageing, smoking, coffee and red wine. It involves having some trays made that are custom moulded to fit your teeth. We then show you how to use and apply the whitening gels and you complete the process at home. This can take as little as 1 hour per day, or if you prefer, we have a gel that can be used overnight whilst you sleep.

Consultations for teeth whitening are complimentary and needed to assess your suitability. If you would like to proceed, we can usually start the process there and then. Alternatively, you may wish to go home and think about it once you have received all the information.

If you would like to book in for a complimentary consultation, just give the team a call on 01684 295900 and a convenient appointment can be arranged for you.

Tewkesbury Dental are delighted to welcome on board our newest team members: Herbert, Natasha and Gemma. Herbert has joined the practice to provide nurse support to both Mr Ruparelia, our principal dentist and Karen Noy our dental hygienist. Herbert brings a calm and philosophical, yet deeply caring approach to the practice. Outside of work he enjoys keeping fit and active, basketball and football and is about to become a father for the first time. Gemma will be starting with us in July as a part-time nurse. She is really looking forward to joining the team and being able to focus on quality patient care. Natasha (Tash) has joined the team as our receptionist on Friday’s and Saturday’s when Cat is off. Tash has returned to work part-time following the birth of her Son, Oscar. When not in work, she enjoys taking care of her family and helping out on the family farm. She even breeds pedigree sheep. Tash is bright and bubbly, and her natural flair for admin tasks is a such a relief – easing some of the pressure from Cat’s role. (updated photos of the team to follow, when I can get everyone to stand still long enough…) We firmly believe that the right team makes such a difference to the patient experience and we hope that when you visit us next, you can see how passionate we all are, whilst maintaining a truly relaxed environment. On more than a few occasions we have questioned whether some of our patients really have a toothache, or whether they just wanted an excuse to come in and see us… ha, ha! We pride ourselves on being different and enjoy challenging the stereotypical stuffy environment that many other dental surgery’s have. We trust that you will be well looked after from the moment you walk through our door, to when you leave. We also looking for another qualified part-time nurse, who can provide extra support and flexibility as the practice grows. If you know anyone that would be a good fit, we would welcome any suggestions and/or applications for this role.

We are only closed on the public holidays i.e. Christmas Day and Boxing Day etc. so we will be happy to see current or new patients during Christmas. Some patients only come and see us when they are home for holidays. We encourage patients to book an appointment as soon as they know their holiday dates but we always keep a few appointments for those who forget and for those who find themselves with toothache.

At Tewkesbury Dental we are looking forward to Christmas as in the new year we are giving the Practice a makeover! Beginning in January, we are putting in a new reception and a new surgery as well as a new patient bathroom. Following this we will be updating our Facial Treatment Rooms so that patients can receive wrinkle reduction treatments in a non-dental environment i.e. not a drill in sight!

As we develop all our facilities in 2018, we will continue to ask for patient feedback to allow us to keep providing what our patients want and in modern, comfortable and professional surroundings.

We wish all our patients a very Happy Christmas and a pain-free and prosperous 2018!


Did you see the article last Saturday which referred to Dr Frances Penna Jones, the cardiologist turned cosmetic dermatologist? She argues that if you can reduce the signs of external ageing there will be a benefit to internal ageing. Put simply, if you look younger you can live longer. In effect, taking steps to help yourself look younger is preventative medicine. Research published in 2009 in the British Medical Journal found that looking young directly correlates with living longer. The study examined 1,826 twins and found that the twin who looked older died earlier than their younger twin.

We firmly believe this at Tewkesbury Dental and is why we now provide hygiene services and have provided facial enhancement treatments for many years. We also believe that these treatments must be provided by trained medical practitioners. Give us a call if you would like to receive a free consultation to discuss looking younger and living longer.


A recent study in the US (at the New York University of Buffalo) has found that periodontal disease places more mature women at a heightened risk of; oesophageal, breast and gallbladder cancers. The new study confirmed previous findings but also highlighted previously undetected connections, notably between gum disease and gallbladder cancer.

Diagnosed periodontal disease was found to cause a 14% increase in all cancers. It is perhaps surprising that we take home hygiene quite seriously – just look at all the ads for home cleaning products, but the hygiene of our mouth … is often ignored. We wouldn’t dream of ignoring an open wound, especially if it was bleeding but guess what, many people believe that bleeding gums is ‘normal’!

Your dentist and hygienist will tell you that bleeding gums is not normal and is a sign of gum disease. At Tewkesbury Dental we have our own hygienist and we offer Saturday appointments, so that you don’t have to miss work and get some shopping done at the same time. Book early to avoid disappointment.