Monthly Archives: October 2019

However much we look after our skin with a good skincare regimen, everybody’s skin needs a little extra help from time to time.

Facial peels are suitable for all skin types and at Tewkesbury Dental we are able to offer our clients a choice of either enzymatic peels, ideal for sensitive skins, which gently exfoliate the skin using fruit-based enzymes or high level AHA/BHA chemical peels, which as well as supporting collagen production also give a deeper exfoliation and can be targeted to individual skin concerns.

We are seeing many clients whose skin is dry and dehydrated from a summer of sun exposure. For these patients, we would recommend a peel with lots of hyaluronic acid to repair and hydrate.

For clients concerned with ageing or pigmentation, we would recommend a peel with the addition of Retinol .

Before we complete any treatment, we would assess your skin and any concerns and offer a prescriptive treatment designed just for you. A couple of the peels we offer may need some down-time following the treatment, so we would advise you to let us know if you have any special occasions coming up. That way we can tailor the treatment to suit your lifestyle as well as your skin needs.

Individual peels start from just £86.

Although for maximum benefit we would recommend a course of 6 for just £430. The perfect investment for your skin this season.

Call the clinic on 01684 295900 to book.