Monthly Archives: September 2017

Did you see the article last Saturday which referred to Dr Frances Penna Jones, the cardiologist turned cosmetic dermatologist? She argues that if you can reduce the signs of external ageing there will be a benefit to internal ageing. Put simply, if you look younger you can live longer. In effect, taking steps to help yourself look younger is preventative medicine. Research published in 2009 in the British Medical Journal found that looking young directly correlates with living longer. The study examined 1,826 twins and found that the twin who looked older died earlier than their younger twin.

We firmly believe this at Tewkesbury Dental and is why we now provide hygiene services and have provided facial enhancement treatments for many years. We also believe that these treatments must be provided by trained medical practitioners. Give us a call if you would like to receive a free consultation to discuss looking younger and living longer.