Monthly Archives: August 2017

A recent study in the US (at the New York University of Buffalo) has found that periodontal disease places more mature women at a heightened risk of; oesophageal, breast and gallbladder cancers. The new study confirmed previous findings but also highlighted previously undetected connections, notably between gum disease and gallbladder cancer.

Diagnosed periodontal disease was found to cause a 14% increase in all cancers. It is perhaps surprising that we take home hygiene quite seriously – just look at all the ads for home cleaning products, but the hygiene of our mouth … is often ignored. We wouldn’t dream of ignoring an open wound, especially if it was bleeding but guess what, many people believe that bleeding gums is ‘normal’!

Your dentist and hygienist will tell you that bleeding gums is not normal and is a sign of gum disease. At Tewkesbury Dental we have our own hygienist and we offer Saturday appointments, so that you don’t have to miss work and get some shopping done at the same time. Book early to avoid disappointment.