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A recent report in The Sunday Times highlighted that crisps were better as eating dried fruit was like ‘gluing sugar to the teeth’! Ben Atkins, a dentist and spokesman for the British Dental Association said crisps were ‘totally fine’ for teeth. Ordinary crisps were better because some children’s brands had added sugar.

Inevitably it is advice like this that makes giving children the right snacks even more confusing. Not only is the type of food/drink an important consideration but also how long sugar is ‘left’ in the child’s mouth, due to the nature of the food. The impact of sugary drinks has long been highlighted but snacks which parents could feel were a healthy alternative, much less so.

As always, the advice is that children should brush their teeth morning and night and should be shown how to and monitored to ensure it is achieved effectively. Secondly, sugary snacks should be provided very occasionally.


Dermal filler and botox treatments are taking place in kitchens by nail technicians with as little as one days training and a certificate. As a result, rising numbers of patients are turning to A&E when treatments become infected perhaps because of where and how the treatments were conducted. In the most serious case a botched injection of dermal filler can block a vessel near the eye and cause blindness.

Simon Eccles a consultant plastic surgeon at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, said he is seeing patients who have had their faces disfigured or infected by bungled facial injections and other cosmetic treatments which can cost as little as £45. He commented that rising numbers of patients are turning to the NHS for help after receiving treatments from unqualified practitioners.

Like all Dental Practices, Tewkesbury Dental is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which covers strict protocols on hygiene in surgery and management of all equipment. Coupled with dental training and significant further training in the provision of facial enhancement treatments we are confident that we can provide highly professional and most importantly, safe treatments. The popularity of facial enhancement treatments continues to grow due to the fantastic results that are possible and we welcome the chance to discuss treatments. Just give us a call and arrange a consultation.

We were delighted when Tamsin Grainger choose us for some whitening treatment prior to her heat of Miss England, in early June. Tamsin entered the Miss Cheltenham competition after her friend won Miss Cheltenham in 2016 and convinced her to ‘have a go’. This attitude really seems to sum up Tamsin as she told us she was a bit of a tomboy and was bullied at school. This didn’t stop her becoming the youngest, female Karate black belt in the UK! Tamsin has been enjoying a Gap Year before she takes up a place at Bucks New Uni in September this year. Reading, ‘Events Management and Creative Industries’ she hopes that taking part in the Miss England event will give her lots of insight into large event planning. During her Gap Year, Tamsin has worked in hospitality. At the nearby Edinburgh Park Hotel and also in Bath. In a few weeks she departs for Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam before beginning her university course. You may not know but the swim suits are no longer part of Miss England and now entrants are required to demonstrate their personality, particularly relating to charitable work and green credentials. Tamsin agreed to let us take a few pictures to help us explain how we provide home teeth whitening – this will follow in a separate News item next week. We wish Tamsin success at Miss England and with her travels and studies. If you are interested in teeth whitening treatments, just give us a call on 01684 295900[iscmd_ytv]

So says Dr Mervyn Druian of the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry. This follows findings from an international team of experts and published in the Journal of Epidemiology.

As well as being sugar free, cheese also stimulates salivary flow and saliva contains substances that neutralise the build up of acid after eating. So the more saliva you have in your mouth, the more it will break down any sugar and so reduce dental decay. Cheese might also be helpful in reducing tooth staining because more saliva means more to wash away wine and coffee. So that’s great news for a proud cheese making county like Gloucestershire! Protect your teeth and enjoy (and support) your local producer. Historic names like; Charles Martell & Son based in Dymock, makers of the now infamous Stinking Bishop, Smart’s, Godsell’s Church Farm and Wick Court Cheese all supply famous Gloucester cheeses and Tewkesbury Dental can now happily encourage our patients to enjoy them!

(Source: The Times, Saturday 13 May 2017) [iscmd_ytv]