Monthly Archives: December 2015

Recent visitors to our Practice and our website will have spotted a new brand identity at Tewkesbury Dental. Just as we have always employed the most modern equipment and techniques for our treatments, so we also like to keep up to date with our image!

Inspiration for our new branding comes from the inherent qualities of our Practice and from a very special area inside Tewkesbury Abbey. First of all, we consulted with our key Stakeholders who defined the essence of Tewkesbury Dental as:-

  • Quietly refined 
  • Quiet grace
  • Traditional caring
  • Modern approach

Our brainstorming then prompted a visit to Tewkesbury Abbey. It is the principal landmark of the town and surrounds that we serve, we share its name and felt synergy with some of its qualities. We found just the perfect visual elements for our logo in the Abbey’s Beauchamp Chantry. Also known as the Warwick Chantry, it was built in 1430 by Isabella, Countess of Warwick, for herself and her two husbands, the Earl of Worcester, and the Earl of Warwick. At the time, it was considered the finest chapel in the country, with beautiful detail in the carving and the pattern of the fan vaulting which is now reflected on our logo. We created our own version, added a little colour, a modern twist and voila!

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