Amazing Things To Do In Tewkesbury

Located right at the centre of the town, the Heritage and Visitor Centre is the ideal place to kick off your visit in Tewkesbury. The Visitor Centre crew is on hand to help you with every element of your trip; the team will help you tour through the town’s history in the superbly-restored 17th-century structure. The Heritage Centre operates a bizarre series of events throughout the year that you can’t miss to attend while visiting which include mosaics, kite building, marbling and willow workshops. Have the privilege to learn about the rich history encompassing Tewkesbury earliest settlers by having a self-guided trip around this town. The step by step tour by the guides will give you insight on the civil war as it reveals the battle of Tewkesbury in 1471 and the fights of the Roses without also having to forget the effects of industrial revolution on the communities economic prosperity before landing you back to the present day Tewkesbury.

What to do in Tewkesbury, GL20

Known for a distinguished heritage traversing for more than a thousand years, Tewkesbury has an architecture that depicts its prolonged prosperity in the town. Architect lovers have something here to do. They can take their time to learn of the Tewkesbury Abbey renowned beyond the town’s border as one of the UK’s most prominent examples of medieval architecture. The town’s skyline has its dominance taken by its impressive Norman tower and long nave. Tewkesbury Lock Close to the Tewkesbury Abbey is the John Moore Museum located in brilliant timber-framed buildings. During your stay in Tewkesbury, you can’t miss this fantastic opportunity to visit this museum. The museum features a vast natural collection that is worth a look when visiting the town. The historical collection ranges from birds and mammals specimen to Gloucestershire’s wetlands, woodlands, farmlands, and countryside. You can as well have an opportunity to attend to various events in the museum hosted throughout the year. That include learning history days, talks and live animal events. The establishment of the institution was carried out in the remembrance of the naturalist and writer John Moore. During your stay at Tewkesbury, take time to learn about the historic 15th-century hall house and baptist meeting place known to be part of John Moore Museum. This building has a fantastic history of both religious and domestic use. It came into existence, operating as a medieval hall in the 15th-century, with families taking a nap on one of the galleries upstairs and a fire in the centre of the building. Have a breathtaking moment as well by visiting and appreciating the Tewkesbury Haven for wildlife which is within a short distance from the town’s centre. The site which is 114 acres prominent has its location on the floodplain with river Swilgate cutting right in the middle. The reserve boast of a wide range of wildlife and most importantly the vast recorded number of most prominent bird species in the UK, some of them including the linnet, cuckoo and song thrush. Discover hidden treasure by taking a walk through time. Along the Church and Barton streets of Tewkesbury, you will find a fascinating mix of galleries, antique shops, vintage stores, traditional tea shops, and boutiques. That is just but to mention a few of things you can do when visiting Tewkesbury, as there are so much to exploit in this town. Its antiquity and heritage offers a glamorous appeal, a moment of excitement and more so a one of a kind learning experience.