Awesome Activities to do in Tewkesbury

The one-word description of Tewksbury countryside surrounding the town is, glorious. Showing that, is the uniqueness of the Tewksbury location which is at the confluence of river Avon and the magnificent River Severn. The landscape of this city along with its rich history triggers various activities covered in this article. Some of these events are;

1. Engage Yourself In Energetic Hike Or a Stroll.

  Walking, by definition, is an aerobic activity. These activity gets to be even more fun and exciting when it’s a nature walk in Tewksbury. The two Rivers provide the town with plenty of riverside walks. The towns local area can be explored by foot as well due to the availability of various country trails. Serven Ham is an example of one of the finest and few existing Hams in the UK. It is a beautiful place to take a stroll as well as enjoy the stunning watch across to the Malvern Hills and the Tewksbury Abbey. A walk through the Battle trail provides a breathtaking moment as you walk alongside the rivers of Tewksbury and the pretty fields. A walk through the Heritage and Alleyways trail offers a discovery moment of the ancient alleyways and historic buildings. Tewkesbury

2. Cycling

  Are you ready to get set on an exploration on two wheels? This town is a famous destiny to road cyclists due to the presence of few undulating hills and more of flat terrain. It’s important to learn that on the National cycle network, the town appears on National Route 45. The system runs for 270 miles and connects Tewksbury to its neighbouring surrounding areas like Bridge North, Worcester, and Gloucester. The Malvern Hill, Cleeve Hill, and Bredon Hill are the most preferred by mountain bike enthusiast who is finding a challenging ride.

3. Fishing

If you haven’t brought your tackle and bait along with you during the tour to Tewksbury, you will need to purchase one at Tewksbury fishing Tackle shop. The shop location is opposite the Town Museum along the Barton Street. The vast variety of fish found in River Avon and River Serven, which include Carp, Perch, Barbel, Roach, Bram, Chub, Rudd and Dace makes fishing an enjoyable activity to engage during your visit in Tewksbury.

4. Swimming, Fitness Classes and Gym Facilities.

With two swimming pools, fitness studios, gym, cafe, and swim shop comes the recently established Tewksbury leisure center. They offer swimming activities for both adults and children, to people of different abilities and fitness levels with the inclusion of lessons.

5. Arts as an activity in Tewksbury

At the heart of Tewksbury is the Roses theatre which is rich in vibrant arts. The auditorium has its pride in its dynamic mix of films, live performances, exhibitions, and workshops that you can take part. There is a staging of special events as well which include creative studio, and relaxed cinema watching to enable participants to feel connected, make new friends, provide the sense of achievement and develop new skills. The theatre’s distinct activity of dance, drama, exhibition, and music is as a result of nourishing talent which involves the community. Having fun is a therapy that enhances your entire health as well as that of your loved ones. Tewksbury is an excellent destination to be during this festive and any other season to engage in the discussed activities and bring out the fantastic fun that comes along with them, either as a couple, with friends or family.